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I'd treated myself to a Florida vacation after completing my Master's Degree while teaching high school in 1974 and unexpectedly came home with my first Paso Fino... only took one trailride to convince me, this was THE breed!


Having worked with horses professionally both full-time and part-time for a number of years already, I was planning on finally getting my own horse, eventually - but not quite that fast! My thesis had been "Equine Locomotion: Visual Perception Vs. Reality"- so needless to say, discovering the Paso Fino and its unique gait was in perfect keeping with my interests and expertise.  It literally presented a whole new frontier to explore, and a chance to be a "pioneer" in a breed that had, at that time, only about 2000 horses in the U.S.


As you might guess, one horse became 2, then 9, etc. and I was very fortunate to have acquired Favorito que tal.


I started doing some showing mainly to learn more breed specific training techniques, monitor my training progress and the level of quality of my horses, all shows were at least 9 hours away at the time. Eventually I did have others ask me to train, board, then breed mares, so when my job started interfering with my horses too much, I went full-time on the farm in 1979 and never regretted my decision.


In 1990, I moved with 32 horses to South Carolina, where the weather is more amenable to riding and raising horses year round, as well as be able to give riding lessons and workshops with a longer outdoor season for it.  Some health issues had me on hiatus awhile, but I'm back at it now!  I must cut the herd, to make education my mission.


Currently, the farm has 50 acres with surrounding trails, in Windsor, about 12 miles east of the reknowned horse area of Aiken.  While most famous for Eventing, Racing and Polo, all disciplines and breeds thrive throughout the area.


My vision is still what it has always been - to provide the very best quality Paso Fino horses for their original purpose: its totally natural ultra-smooth gait, with a versatile, wide range of speeds, including ground-covering ability(after all, Columbus didn't conquer America in fino!); outstanding beauty and conformation for years of good health and soundness: extraordinary intelligence, and the ultra-willing disposition and loving attitude that is brio - that desire and devotion to work 101% for its owner. If you are looking for the ultimate companion horse, look no further!


Whether you're interested in purchasing or learning, I am always delighted to share my decades of knowledge and experience with others, so please feel free to email, call, and/or visit.....nothing better than "talking Paso Finos," and introducing my "crew!"

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