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Late breaking news about Workshops, Clinics and Training!

This page is being modified to provide up-to-date information about Workshops and Clinics.  A schedule of dates and locations of upcoming Great Blazes Farm Workshops will be provided along with provisions for signing-up to join in on the experience.  The new page will also provide the capability to submit payment to guarantee your place in your selected session.  Please watch for these changes and more in the very near future.  A “News” item will also be issued announcing the arrival of these needed changes.  Thank you for your interest and stay in touch.


I hope to see you all soon!

Stella Manberg-Wise

Apr 01, 2017

RIDING for GAIT Workshop

April 1-2, 2017

Open to all gaited breeds 

5 spots open                          

Apr 22, 2017

RIDING for GAIT Workshop

April 22-24, 2017

Open to all gaited breeds

4 spots open

May 06, 2017

RIDING for GAIT Workshop

May 6-7, 2017

Open to all gaited breeds

3 spots open

May 27, 2017


May 27-29, 2017

Open to all gaited breeds

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Riding lessons & Weekend Workshops and Clinics

Riding a balanced seat is the secret of not only optimally consistent & smooth gait & "horse happiness," but also optimum rider safety and comfort!


If you are relatively local, bring your horse - or, if new to Pasos and you want to learn more about them .... come for an hour, or several, a schedule convenient to you can be arranged.  I also work with people needing ASSERTIVENESSS training.


If you are out-of-state or several hours away, make it a weekend, or a week! Intensive work (but fun, interesting & helpful) can be scheduled for a tailor-made schedule, and in your "off-time," there are plenty of wonderful things to do and see in Aiken.  The motels here give discounts if you tell them you're here about horses!  Any "non-horsey" member of your family can just drop you off here, & have a wonderful time of their own. Of course, there's stabling right here for your horses, and if camping is your family thing, Aiken State Park is literally down the road, only 1 mile away, with camper hookups, swimming, canoeing, rowing, etc.  In town there are art galleries, museums, specialty shops, eateries and even live theater .... you name it!

Horse (and Human) Training

I no longer start young horses under saddle, but do work with horses having at least 60 days, to learn natural balance/DRESSAGE STYLE TECHNIQUES suitable for trailwork, for a VERY LIGHT, even LOOSE REIN, working off the rider's seat & light leg-- doing so calmly in ultimate balance-"SELF CARRIAGE"- for consistent gait, and staying sound; also, to give them the trail experience they need for you to ride safely; stand quietly to mount, go off at a flat walk.


I also do GROUNDWORK in the roundpen to thoroughly prep a young horse to start under saddle, for TRAIL WORK in particular, including OBSTACLE TRAINING.


If you need a youngster started, I have an excellent  neighbor, David Beltran, literally down the road (starting horses of all disciplines), for the first 30 days, and he will then RIDE your horse over to my farm, where I can continue your horse's training, select the correct bit, etc...and then train YOU to ride your horse - a very important part.


If you are having GAIT PROBLEMS with your horse, I can help! ...with 100% natural techniques, I will find your horse's optimum balance, then train YOU to continue the work consistently thru conditioning, for a lifetime of enjoyment. Riding takes 2- the horse and you!


And, of course - my specialty: training a truly extended LARGO!

Your Trainer on Retainer

...especially for Paso Finos and other gaited horse breeds.


Need help with riding your horse?  Need to correct behavior or gait problems, but youdon't have access to a trainer who can help you either or both together?


Would you like help with transitioning from English or Western riding styles to your newly acquired gaited horse?


Have a green horse that you'd like to continue developing yourself --- with a little help? Or, just have some questions you'd like addressed?


I'll help you solve your problems! - just send me a video!


Each "session" will include an initial video showing and describing to me what your situation is, and what you are trying to resolve.  I will review it and send you "step-by-step" instructions on how to resolve your problem, and then I'd like you to send me a "follow up" video, to insure I've understood your problem correctly, and communicated my instructions well enough for you to understand and implement them with success! If not, then I'll rewrite or add further details, and ask for a second follow-up video, so we can all be happy! (you, me, and your horse!)


You may only need one session (limited time introductory fee: $30, will go to $40.*), or, depending on what your needs are, you may want to "put me on retainer" and purchase several different sessions at a time to take advantage of huge savings (LIMITED TIME introductory fee:  4 sessions for $100.*, a savings of $20. per limited time single session, will go to $140. for 4 sessions, regular price, for a $40. savings!).   


(Send Paypal payment to:


There is no time limit on when, or how often, you want to send me your session!

It all depends on YOUR needs.....Whether its weekly, monthly, or just every few months as problems arise throughout the year(or more), you'll have my help at your fingertips.




Attach your video to an email, or within the email point to a youtube link of your video, and send to:


Please include in the email all of the following pertinent information:


ABOUT YOU: Name, age(approximate will do!), riding background-length of riding experience, length of horse ownership; types of riding experience)pleasure, show, endurance, gymkhana, etc), style of riding, whether you've had previous instruction or are self-taught.


ABOUT YOUR HORSE: Name, age, sex, breed, length of time you've owned the horse(if you know your horse's registration number, or registered name, include it so I can look up any pertinent genetics); whatever background you know about the horse, including level of training and what activities the horse was used or trained for.


YOUR GOALS: Identify what your ultimate goals are for you and your horse, as specifically as possible.-Relative to the above, identify the problem you feel you're having, and/or what it is you feel you'd like to improve in  your horse's response or performance, or the relationship you have with your horse, relative to your goals.


IN MAKING YOUR VIDEOS: In your first video (for sure!), spend a little time taking some video of your horse with someone holding it,or tied or crosstied with views from the side, front, and back so I can evaluate conformation.


Also include, if possible, their feet, as they're standing still, so I can see hoof angles.


If under saddle issues, video a 3/4 front view, side view, and back view, of how the saddle fits your horse, before you get on it.


Let me see the bit when not in the horse's mouth, if you use one, and then a closeup, and also the horse's full head, of how the bosal and/or bit is adjusted on the horse, after you put it on(you may include this process, if you feel its relevant).


If its a ground problem we're dealing with, also include a closeup of how your halter, lungeline, leadshank, etc. on/fitting your horse.(These closeups of hooves and tack are only necessary in your very first video, unless you later make changes(or are instructed to do so!)


Include yourself mounting your horse, if a riding video. Yes, you can talk all you want throughout the video! Every bit of information you can give me helps.


Keep your video concise: up to 10 minutes, or less, is enough, as long as the issues you're having are clearly evident. I will review numerous times and put in slow motion, stop action, before making an evaluation, and in my instructions tell you exactly at what points you need to stop it yourself to clarify my points....and give you homework! If its easier for you or your videographer (or, your wifi/computer!)to do several short videos on the same problem, that's ok, too...

best to upload your video to YouTube, and send the link with your information. I will keep a catalog of all persons having me "on retainer."

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