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Del Reino's La Cometa Tierna

(Algadon Y Manis x Estrellita de Pizogeno)


March 2011 Brown pinto filly, will mature about 14.3h.


A minimal brown and white tricolor filly, La Tierna promises to be one of those rare "show" types, with a good amount of brio, great intelligence and sensitivity, and excellent, elegant conformation .... beautiful head, long, very high set neck with long arched poll, and a high action, yet light- footed gait.


Bloodlines include Plebeyo, Tibon, NC Bailadora Chiripa by NC-Top Ten Sire, Cohete que tal, Lunares, NC -Top Ten Sire Alcon, Mahoma, Duque, double Chucuano, double Cometa, double Caribe, and tail female is double Cuban bloodlines through Sundance and La Rubia Cubana.


She has alot of common sense, and quite fearless of "stuff," with alot of self-confidence....and a tad of that willfulness alot of double Chucuano females seem to have, so while I think she'll be great on trails too, with great groundcovering ability judging from her long legs/neck and gait style, an experienced, gentle yet assertive home is recommended. Yes, she's a very smart character, but her overall quality in every way makes her well-worth it.


Currently priced at $2200.

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