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Southern Lady's Conquisto

(Favorito que tal x Hi-Test Southern Lady)


Half Paso Fino - Spotted Saddle Horse, 

(eligible & reg. pending) Spotted Mtn. Horse

14.3h strongly gaited Tobiano Pinto stallion


A superb outcross providing hybrid vigor via a top-producing Hall of Fame, Top Ten Sire Paso Fino stallion, with a Spotted Saddle horse mare whose dam, Hi-Test, was a World Champion. His dam's lines are linebred Tony W, and include(THW) Go Boy, direct Merry Boy, Ebony's Dominator, and Red Rambler bloodlines, all lines notable for natural gaitedness. An indefatiguable trail horse, Conquisto has the beautiful head, robust musculature, and natural high action and groundcovering ability of his sire, while retaining gait typiness of the original SSH breed. He's never worn shoes! His disposition and work ethic is outstanding, in hand and under saddle.


If you need some fresh lines in your SSH, racking, or Spotted Mountain mares, he's an excellent choice.


Intro fee:  $400.* 

(All fees associated with AI will be separate and payable directly to vet.)


*live foal return

NOTE....Stud fee prices are for AI only, for live cover, please add $200. plus mare care.



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