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Pazarro de Favorito

(Favorito que tal x Deleitosa SS)


'94 brown stallion, 14.3h


Looks like his 4 time Top Ten Sire, 2010 Hall of Fame daddy,  and moves to match! He has alot of brio, but  is a fearless trailhorse with a powerful gait and outstanding hindquarter drive that he passes. He has so far produced all fillies , all quick-footed with highly agile gaits, fine heads, classically arched necks, powerhouse muscular bodies, whether linebred or outcrossed.  (So far, always mom's color!?)...if you want some brio, but still a very confident, bold trailhorse (suitable for endurance), not prone to shying,and likely quick enough to show, too, he's a great choice.  Mostly Colombian with some PR lines, linebred Eblis.


STUD FEE:  *Not available for 2016

(All fees associated with AI will be separate and payable directly to vet.)


*live foal return

NOTE....Stud fee prices are for AI only

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