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The GBF ‘Stained Glass Stallion’ Logo

Since I have been asked about my trademark/logo many times over the years I thought I’d take a few lines here to explain about its origin.

Great Blazes Farm has a very unique and distinctive emblem that has been its trademark and logo since its inception and it is solely the property of Great Blazes Farm.

In fact, I created the design long before I founded Great Blazes Farm - back when I was student teaching. The trademark, “The Stained Glass Stallion,” is named such for a very good reason - he was designed as a stained glass project that I was working on at the time. (Knowing that now you probably see the colored segments separated by leading and it becomes self evident. Right?)

Of course, for many years I'd drawn horses that very much resembled Paso Finos as my "ideal," even to the point that one of my art teachers, while still in Junior High School, made me start my study of " proper gaits of the horse," because I kept drawing the Paso Fino gait instead of the "more realistic" trot! (that's for real, too!) It wasn't til years later, after the Stained Glass Stallion, that I did further study on this for my Masters' thesis, "Equine Locomotion: Visual Perception vs Reality." That led me to my fascination with the discovery of the Paso Fino.

While some of the glass was cut, the stained glass stallion was never completed as a fine art project. Instead, he became something far more important. For over 35 years now I have been the proud owner of a farm breeding many magnificent paso fino horses, living works of art. Since the beginning my stained glass stallion design has stood to represent my farm and my horses ... real horses like the ones that I had dreamed of owning back when the only horses I had filled the pages of my sketchbooks.

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